Key Topics


Cerulli’s research covers 12 core practice areas. While each practice includes dedicated products and research, analysts from all of Cerulli’s practices work closely to provide comprehensive views of industry trends.

Business Issues


Cerulli research helps firms solve critical short and long term business issues. These include market entry (expansion, retraction) strategies, organizational structure, profitability, staffing, growth opportunities etc.   

Product Strategy

Cerulli addresses key product strategy trends and decisions faced by firms. These include packaging, channel, asset class, category, and product features.



Cerulli covers 20 markets on an ongoing basis and more than 40 markets annually. In addition to deep country views, Cerulli provides perspective across regions, which gives firms the opportunity to understand a specific market’s relative position.

Client Segments

Cerulli research goes deep into specific segments within markets. Our segments cover the most critical industry trends occurring today.


Cerulli Associates is dedicated to providing unmatched research and guidance on responsible investing regionally and globally.