Cerulli Lodestar: Bank Fiduciary Assets

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Bank Fiduciary Assets Overview

This subscription features data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). It provides a breakdown of all bank fiduciary business lines, including defined benefit, defined contribution, other retirement assets, corporate trust, agency accounts, personal trust, endowments and foundations, and other fiduciary assets.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Analyze managed and nonmanaged assets by holding company and individual company level
  • Compare thousands of banks and trust companies using the firm benchmarking view
  • Use the territory builder to view company details by category, asset allocation, and physical location (city/state/zip code)
Modules Description
Overview This module provides a high-level overview of which fiduciary and related assets. Users can view the summaries by business lines, managed versus nonmanaged assets, and state-level leaderboards.
Territory Builder This module allows users to develop and enhance distribution strategies by manipulating the fiduciary and related assets by location. The data can be customized by narrowing the search by holding company, subsidiaries, states, cities, and zip codes. The data can be further customized by selecting targeted business lines and asset ranges.
Total Fiduciary & Related Assets Firm Profiles provide detailed analysis for each FDIC-insured holding company and individual subsidiary. Firm Profiles include total fiduciary assets, managed versus nonmanaged assets, as well as the number of domestic and foreign offices. Users can also create benchmark reports to compare opportunities across organizations and customize their own leaderboards based on specific business lines.
Managed Fiduciary & Related Assets View banks' managed fiduciary assets by investment vehicles, asset ranges, states, cities, or zip codes. Users can also create customized leaderboards based on banks' managed assets.
Fiduciary & Related Services Income This module provides a view and benchmarking of banks' gross income, expenses, net losses, intracompany income, and net fiduciary income as it relates to their total fiduciary assets and business lines. The data can be viewed on an industry level or by holding company, subsidiary, state, city, or zip code.
Appendix Provides the methodology and definitions of key terms for this subscription.