U.S. Investment Consultants 2020: Adapting to the Post-COVID-19 Environment

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In a healthy economic environment with stable capital markets, the mature investment consultant industry faces challenges in a highly competitive environment: industry consolidation and concentration, fee pressure from clients, and a growing use of passive investments for a number of asset classes. In today’s market environment, marked by volatile markets and an uncertain economic future brought on by COVID-19, these consultants face additional challenges. Despite the challenges, they also have opportunities for revenue and growth.

Cerulli’s report looks at the current sizing of the industry, the use of consultants by institutional asset owners, how consultants are adjusting their communications during the pandemic, and additional business models outside traditional advisory services offered by consultants. The report also looks at expected asset allocation trends, best practices for asset managers seeking investment consultant advisory business, and request for proposal (RFP) information to help in planning near-term sales processes.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Understand industry challenges and potential long-term implications amid the COVID-19 crisis
  • Analyze the state of investment consultant presence in the institutional market
  • Gain insight into expected search activity and related investment support trends
  • Become familiar with asset allocation trends in the institutional space
  • Learn about manager searches and consultant relations teams
  • Explore aspects of RFP, consultant, and third-party databases
  • Review detailed firm profiles for the top-15 investment consultants
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