European Distribution Dynamics 2019: Innovation in an Evolving Market

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In its ninth iteration, this report examines the rapid and fundamental changes underway in the European fund management industry. Cerulli has sought answers to a series of key questions: Which markets offer the biggest opportunities in the subadvisory domain? What mutual fund (MF) strategies will asset managers be promoting the most in each European country? Which distribution channels offer the best opportunities in each market? Which are the key European markets for responsible investment? To what extent are European managers adopting new technologies to improve performance? What exchange-traded fund (ETF) strategies will experience the most demand in each country?

Our research covered seven key markets—the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Sweden—as well as cross-border. In addition to our analysis of the seven main European MF markets and the cross-border asset management industry, the report also offers quantitative research and analysis of six European markets: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Portugal. Managers interested in understanding the gatekeeping process will gain insights from this work, which examines the key factors that fund selectors in major European markets look for.

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  • Examine the assets, flows, anticipated growth, opportunities, and other trends in in each of the main subadvisory markets in Europe
  • Review ETF and smart beta assets development, the anticipated growth in various European countries by channel, and the main sectors, opportunities, and challenges in the European ETFs industry
  • Understand how European asset managers are approaching digital innovation in fund distribution
  • Review the distribution landscape and outlook in each of the seven key markets in Europe
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