U.S. Defined Contribution Distribution 2019: Opportunities for Differentiation in a Competitive Landscape

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This year’s report, in its sixth iteration, explores how target-date funds and other strategies are evolving as Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIAs). The research incorporates detailed information from Cerulli’s proprietary survey of target-date fund managers while considering the role of managed accounts and other services with an emphasis on the need for financial advice and supporting participants’ transition to retirement (i.e., converting retirement savings into retirement income).

The report also begins with a high-level update on defined contribution (DC) sizing by market segment and plan type. Other chapters focus on trends in the defined contribution investment-only (DCIO) space, based on Cerulli’s proprietary survey of DCIO asset managers, and in the use of collective investment trusts (CITs), based on Cerulli’s survey of CIT providers in partnership with the Coalition of Collective Investment Trusts. Finally, the report addresses the advisor-sold DC market, incorporating findings from Cerulli’s survey of retirement specialist advisors.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Explore comprehensive sizing of the DC market
  • Analyze new leaderboards, including top-15 DCIO asset managers, top-15 target-date fund managers, and top-20 CIT providers
  • Identify how target-date products are evolving and potential opportunities for differentiation
  • Address the shift from active to passive management and the outlook for different investment vehicles based on cost
  • Assess how different investment vehicles (e.g., mutual funds and CITs) are positioned to serve the DC market
  • Review whom DCIO managers view as the primary influencers across different market segments, with commentary surrounding the rise of mid-market consulting firms
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