Advisor Portfolio Construction Dynamics

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This report examines recent developments in and the outlook for advisor portfolio construction in the U.S. This report provides asset managers, broker/dealers, and other vendors with insight into advisors’ asset allocation, security selection, and client relationships. In addition, it examines the home-office support structures (due diligence groups and managed account platforms). Two proprietary surveys provide the data for this research: Cerulli’s annual advisor and wholesaler surveys. In addition, qualitative interviews with executives across the industry substantiate the data and validate the findings.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • How are advisors performing asset allocation and why is this important for asset managers?
  • How do advisors feel about giving discretion to their home offices?
  • How important are professional buyers to product providers?
  • How do advisors view financial planning?
  • To what extent are advisors willing to receive support for their portfolio construction activities?
  • Are advisors successful in their current portfolio construction practices?
  • How are advisors choosing products?
  • What do professional buyers value most in their vendor relationships?
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