Institutional Asset Management in Latin America

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This report examines the current trends that are driving demand for asset management services among institutional investors in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. It identifies opportunities for global asset managers currently operating in this region or contemplating market entry by closely examining the approximately US$300 billion in assets that will be outsourced by institutional investors in this region over the next five years. The report identifies key trends in each country by asset class, strategy, focus, and regulation.

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  • Where are institutional mandates coming from and what products are these buyers seeking most?
  • Which industries besides private pensions have an appetite for cross-border products?
  • Which countries offer the most attractive regulatory environment for global asset management firms?
  • How are allocation shifts in pension funds impacting asset managers?
  • How should asset managers approach the booming Brazilian market?
  • How are ETFs being used by institutions in this region?
  • How do the pension markets differ by country and which are most attractive for external managers?
  • What is the projected growth for cross border funds in this region and by country?
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