European Defined Contribution 2013: Winning with a Targeted Approach

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This annual report, in its third iteration, examines the mutual fund distribution landscape across Europe and seven key markets in particular. It identifies geographic areas and channels with growth potential and helps the reader navigate the labyrinthine dynamics and adapt their strategy accordingly. For the first time, the report also shines the spotlight on Switzerland and assesses the impact of regulation and the effects of widespread challenges to the country’s entrenched culture of secrecy. It also examines distribution opportunities in the Nordic region, where, despite the dominance of the banking industry, the demand for independent advice is increasing, fueling a rise in the numbers of independent financial advisors.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Robust analysis of distribution opportunities within Switzerland
  • An overview of the Nordics
  • Granular distribution sizing data for each channel within each country
  • Review of cross-border fund distribution opportunities
  • Country-specific recommendations
  • Analysis by asset class, assets under management, and net new flows
  • Detailed insight into regulatory implications
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