U.S. Product Development 2019: A Roadmap to Vehicle Proliferation

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The report focuses on how asset managers are expanding their investment vehicle offerings beyond the mutual fund and into exchange-traded funds (ETFs), collective investment trusts (CITs), separate accounts, and alternative product structures. As firms take a more vehicle-agnostic approach to product development, this report also looks at the use of investment vehicles by various client segments to better assess demand.

Additionally, this report focuses on the use of seed capital and how it is being sourced and recaptured. The quantitative sections of this report take a more detailed look at how financial advisors are constructing client portfolios, what investment strategies they are using, and how asset managers need to position their product offerings to meet the demand that results. Finally, this report looks at product groups’ organizational structure within large and medium/small-sized firms.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Gain insight into several aspects that asset managers must consider when building out new investment vehicles, including key considerations (e.g., fee flexibility, speed to market) by vehicle and primary client segment users.
  • Review competitive intelligence data looking at asset manager product plans, including which vehicles they are electing to use to deliver strategies by asset classes and sub-asset class.
  • Understand how asset managers can enable a more efficient use of seed capital through creative approaches.
  • Examine advisor use of product at a more granular level, including their asset class breakdown across investment vehicles, and their allocation of assets to sub-asset classes.
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