U.S. Retail Investor Products and Platforms 2020: Optimizing Platform Opportunity

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In a period marked by ongoing volatility and uncertainty, it has never been more important for financial services providers to use their technology platforms to strengthen their client relationships. However, this does not usually translate into an increased fully self-directed engagement. Making a task easier with additional technology does not differentiate a product, if consumers are not interested in taking on a responsibility in the first place.

The more important evolution in this space is the growth in complexity of individual clients’ financial lives and maintaining path-of-least-resistance access at key inflection points. For financial providers, this means having the optimal products available to key prospects as they recognize their need for additional solutions. By offering robust platforms with customization options at each key inflection point, firms can balance their need for scalable solutions with clients’ preference for personalized advice.

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  • Learn how financial advice provider firms can optimize their strategies in designing and addressing retail investment platforms
  • Understand retail investors’ preferences with regard to direct investing platforms and the products they wish to use on them
  • Analyze annually updated investor market sizing, with age and wealth tier segmentations
  • Explore proprietary sizing of direct-to-investor platforms, including an updated leaderboard and underlying product sizing
  • Gain insight into the value of brands in investors’ decision making
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