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The Cerulli Report Series

Top Asian Asset Owners Drive ESG Momentum in The Region

As interest and commitment grows, managers should at least have ESG policies in place

The Cerulli Report—ESG and ETFs in Asia 2019: Assessing the Impact and Potential

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Outcompete with Clear Strategy and Sharp Execution

Cerulli Strategic
Consulting & Custom

Assess and address new expansion opportunities.

Cerulli Strategic Consulting and Custom Research

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The Cerulli Report Series

RFP Teams Struggle to Meet Turnaround Times as Volumes Skyrocket & Complexity Increases

Additional resources will be required for teams to continue meeting current turnaround times

The Cerulli Report—Institutional Marketing and Sales Organizations 2019: Deploying Resources and Analytics for the Acquisition and Retention of Client Assets

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The Cerulli Report Series

New Onshore Opportunities Await Foreign Managers in China

Amid accelerating market liberalization, challenges remain in tapping assets

The Cerulli Report—Asset Management in China 2019: Setting the Right Strategies

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The Cerulli Report Series

U.S. Offshore Market
Dominates Latin
American Cross-Border
Fund AUM, but Stalled
Growth Looms

The Cerulli Report—Latin American Distribution Dynamics 2019: Widening Opportunities in an Increasingly Addressable Market

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The Cerulli Report Series

Global Assets Continue
to Grow, But So Does
Fee Pressure

The Cerulli Report—Global Markets 2019: Bringing Clarity
to an Uncertain World

Asset managers around the world need to find ways to combat increasing fee pressure
caused by growing competition and new regulation

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Asian Market

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